Amber Bay

Established in 1965 as a family business, Amber Bay has since grown to become the largest picture framing and art trade supplier in Africa, with seven divisions that cater to all aspects of the art industry. Through a dedicated team of buyers and designers, who travel the world extensively, in search of unique finishes and cutting-edge techniques, Amber Bay has been propelled into the position of the African continent’s premier supplier of POD, gifting, mirrors, canvases, photo frames and framed prints.Their extensive range includes:

Glass Art

Traditionally used in large spaces, such as hotels and cruise liners, this artistically decorative form of art is fast becoming a key feature in many modern homes, adding a sense of allure and sophistication. Arguably the latest trend in modern art, Amber Bay’s collection of glass art is truly magnificent. With bold and dramatic visuals translated onto this eye-catching display form, glass art adds a unique decorative edge to any home.


A more modern twist on older artwork forms, Amber Bay offers a wide variety of pre-printed canvas art, available in a range of standard and custom sizes. These amazing designs are suitable for both indoor and covered outdoor areas in the home.


Whether it’s form or function you’re after, Amber Bay’s collection of mirrors is sure to make statement in any room. Offering a array of wall-hanging and floor-standing mirror options, in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your home.

Custom Framing and Frames

Amber Bay’s custom framing division is the perfect solution to all your framing needs. The on-site framing studio allows customers to truly see the finished picture prior to any work being undertaken. Our sophisticated process allows customers to select their frame and desired background edging, both of which are then super-imposed onto their artwork allowing for the final product to be reviewed. This advanced system also has the capacity to allow for wall colour options to be selected, giving customers complete peace of mind that their selection is best suited for their environment.


Amber Bay offers a range of gifts for any occasion that are guaranteed to delight. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or a special gift for any occasion, our selection is bound to delight. With a wide range of options to choose from, finding a gift has never been easier.