Rugs Original

Rugs Original is South Africa’s largest national importer of Persian & Oriental and Modern rugs. Offering a range of superior floor coverings, our products are designed to inspire style and add comfort.

Supplying to both the retail and wholesale markets, the Rugs Original team spends much time sourcing the very best designs and quality rugs from countries around the world, including (but not limited to) India, Afghanistan, Belgium and Iran.

With stores based around the country, our dedicated team has an extensive knowledge of the products on offer, and this, combined with our friendly service will make selecting the idea rug for your home a simple and pleasant affair.

Persian & Oriental

Encapsulating the epitome of luxury, style and opulence, and showcased worldwide in some of the finest settings, Persian and Oriental rugs have long been a treasured commodity. Having originated around the 15th Century, the themes and designs of these decorative art forms reflect their evolution through various eras. Adorning your home with a rug of Persian or Oriental persuasion will add an air of sophistication, not to mention the added allure of magic from the East, and there is a rug suited for every taste and style.


For every home, there is a carpet, and for every carpet there is a home. Whether being used as the starting canvas for a room, or the finishing touch to tie a room together, Modern rugs appeal to a range of tastes and décor styles. Boasting a host of finishes, colours, patterns and textures, our Modern range offers contemporary twist on an ancient art form, and will have you spoilt for choice.

Machine Made

Manufactured using a range of materials, including wool and synthetic fibres such as polypropylene, nylon, polyester, acrylic and silk, machine made rugs are developed using five general methods; namely tufted, woven, knitted or needle-punched. Originating in the mid 1920’s, and offering a lower price alternative than their Persian and Oriental counterparts, our machine made range will enhance living spaces by their decorative nature and are available in a host of designs, colours and textures.

Living Range

Rugs Original offers a range of floor covering options for every room in your home, whether indoor or outdoor. No matter the area, we have a suitable rug that will create both style, and add comfort, to your home. With a variety of sizes, styles and patterns to chose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your home.